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ZipIt Opener – Electric Blister Pack & Clam Shell Package Opener


The ZIPIT …the world’s only battery operated blister pack opener lets you easily open clamshells and blister packs for toys, consumer electronics, computer peripherals, cosmetic packages, office supplies and virtually anything packed in plastic clamshell packaging. This unique tool offers you a simple, safe way to open clamshell packaging with ease. “The ZIPIT” eliminates Wrap Rage! There are over 6000 reported emergency room incidents resulting from wrap rage. With “The ZIPIT” in your poss…

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Fuck this kind of packaging.(r/reddit.com)

It’s called clamshell packaging.

It allows product manufacturers to showcase the actual product in an aesthetic way, while keeping it safe during the shipping process and acts as a mild deterrent for theft and vandalism.

Some products exist to open clamshell packaging easily and safely.

Some manufacturers offer clamshell packaging with easy-open interfaces.

There exist instructions online regarding how to open clamshell packaging easily.

Amazon has started a frustration-free packaging program, which offers a clamshell-packaging-free alternative to some products.

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