upvoted.top:ZeroLemon 7000mAh  Extended Battery with TPU Full Edge Protection Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-...

ZeroLemon 7000mAh Extended Battery with TPU Full Edge Protection Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-…


World’s highest capacity for Galaxy III @ 7000Mah- more than 3 times the capacity of original Galaxy III battery and 1 time more than other makers’ Galaxy III extended batteries Zero lemon in house engineered full edge wrap TPU case- world’s only manufacturer to integrate both back Cover and case into one for ultimate drop protection. Nfc built into the battery-all functions on Galaxy III such as S beam and Google Wallet are activated ————— we engineered the world’s highest capacity…

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Phones are now fast enough. Screens are now big enough. Sensors are now… sensory enough. Can we please have bigger batteries now?(r/Android)

They do, it’s called Zero Lemon! These batteries are amazing. (After cycling 3 times according to the instructions my phone lasts 3 full days almost every time.) PLUS, they offer a 180 day warranty. If you don’t like it or just get tired of the thickness, you have HALF A YEAR to return it! Now that’s what I call having confidence in your product.

For S3: www.amazon.com/ZeroLemon-7000mAh-Extended-Protecti…

S4 (NFC Enabled): www.amazon.com/warranty-ZeroLemon-Protection-Compa…

Galaxy Note II: www.amazon.com/warranty-ZeroLemon-Protection-Guara…

Just buy it, you won’t regret it. (They literally guarantee it)

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