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Zalman Zm-Mic1 High Sensitivity Headphone Microphone


Compact headphone microphone of excellent sound quality, ease of use, and sensitivity. Clip the microphone onto the headphone cable as close to the mouth as possible. Use the mini clips on the microphone cable to latch the microphone cable onto the headphone cable. Insert the microphone jack into the Mic Input of the soundcard/audio input device. Adjust the Mic Input Level in the soundcard’s software/audio input device.

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Best PC gaming headset?(r/buildapc)

Gaming-branded anything is almost guaranteed to be crap. Get yourself audiophile headsets and a clip on mic. Either modmic or this Zalman. As for the headphone, if you are super competitive and want a huge sound stage to footstep whore then go with AD700x. Those are balanced for mids but the bass isn’t all that great so they aren’t too fun. Best competitive phones in existence though.

For other headphone suggestions, see this definitive guide.

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