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XK-24 USB Programmable Keypad for Windows or Mac


Build your own workflow keypad. Whether you are a Graphic Designer, Videoswitcher, an Architect, a Web Manager, or a Two-finger Typist, proficiency in your software requires rapid input. Keyboard Macros and Hot Keys offer the shortest path to action, and the X-keys provides a clearly labeled, physical location for these complex or redundant functions so you don’t have to think about them. The X-keys lets you focus on the project instead of the process.

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Are scientific number pads a thing? Looking for a number pad which has brackets, operators, etc. Not concerned about price.(r/buildapc)

The closest thing you’ll probably get is a programmable macro keypad (example) (other example). You would have to print out key cap symbols and set up the keyboard mapping, but it may let you do what you wanted.

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