upvoted.top:Woods 13569 Indoor Plug-In Wireless Remote Control w/ 3 Outlets

Woods 13569 Indoor Plug-In Wireless Remote Control w/ 3 Outlets, White


The Indoor Wireless Remote 3-pack turns appliances on and off from up to 60 ft. away. Operate 3 different home appliances from across the room, or another area of your house, using one remote control. The signal from the remote travels through walls, windows or doors. Use the remote outlets in one room or multiple locations; beneficial for the mobility-impaired and anyone who just wants a one-touch, convenient way to turn lighting or appliances on and off. This package includes (3) receivers …

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What is the laziest thing you do that would make even the laziest person cringe?(r/AskReddit)

I have a remote controlled outlets in my room, so that I can turn on/off any electronic device without getting out of bed.

Edit: Amazon is where you can get them. It cost me less than 20 dollars.

Edit2: How about you lazy assholes search amazon yourself for it, instead of pestering me for links! Should I visit your house and wipe your ass as well?

Edit3: Fine, if it will stop this. Here your goddamn link! I hope you choke on it!

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