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Winware Professional Aluminum 40-Quart Stockpot


This commercial strength aluminum stock pot is the ideal solution for your cooking needs. Made with standard weight heavy aluminum, with a minimum thickness of 3/16-inch, these pots heat contents rapidly, but are also durable. Certified by the NSF. Covers sold separately.

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Looking to get a Chanukah gift for my husband. He loves to brew beer so I photographed all of his equipment, can anyone suggest anything missing or just some cool things I could pick up for him? Thanks!!(r/Homebrewing)

I assume he brews with malt extract, rather than all grain? And if so, do you know if he wants to start brewing with all grain at some point in the future?

The two things that stick out to me:

  1. A bigger pot. I’m not sure how big that one is, except to say it’s not big enough for full-boil, five-gallon batches. For extract batches he should really have at least a 30-quart kettle; if he wants to go to all grain at some point, a 40-quart kettle is better. Either way, I recommend Winware’s aluminum stockpots.. They’re well-constructed and cheap as hell. Note that they don’t come with lids (you can get one for ~$10-$15 extra, but you don’t strictly need one.)

  2. An immersion chiller. The biggest annoyance for a lot of beginner/intermediate homebrewers is cooling their wort down quickly after it’s been boiled. An immersion chiller is just a loop of copper coil with hose ends that you immerse in the wort and pass cold water through to act as a heat exchanger. You can pick one up for not too much, but if he’s at all handy you’ll save a lot of money just buying the parts and letting him put it together.

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