upvoted.top:Wahl 79141 Battery Clipper 21 Piece Haircut Kit

Wahl 79141 Battery Clipper 21 Piece Haircut Kit


Wahl 79141 Battery Clipper 21 Piece Haircut Kit

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Stolen from ask women, what NSFW male lifestyle hack can you share?(r/AskMen)

Apparently nobody on reddit knows how to trim their pubes. I keep reading these manscaping horror stories about dudes getting into these contorted positions trying to get the scissors at just the right angle, or trying to figure out how much shaving cream to use, etc.

Fucking no, gentlemen. Never take scissors anywhere near your junk. That’s just fucking stupid. You don’t use a razor blade, either. What the hell are you people thinking? No, you get yourself one of these little bad boys right here. It doesn’t have to be that brand or model, the most important and salient feature is that it isn’t a fucking blade you dumbass.

Once you have acquired this tool which should be part of every grown man’s personal hygiene accessory kit, charge it up, stand in the bathtub or shower, use the 1/2″ guard, and clean that mess up down there. When you’re done, you should have a nice even carpet of pubes. Use a different guard next time if it comes out too patchy or too furry. Rinse off the extra hair with water before you put your pants on.

Voila! Your junk is now neat and tidy. You neither look like an eight year old nor like a 70s porn star. When you get your next blowjob, your partner will not have to worry about stubble, nor will they have to pull hair out of their teeth. Now you can crack open a beer and celebrate your new dick.

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