upvoted.top:Wacom Cintiq 22HD   Touch Interactive Pen Display (DTH2200)

Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch Interactive Pen Display (DTH2200)


The Wacom Cintiq 22 In. HD Touch Pen Display is a high definition multi-touch display designed for precise, accurate artistic work.  Add multi-touch gesture support to one of Wacoms most versatile creative pen displays. You are sure to enjoy creating directly on this large-format, high-definition display with Wacoms pressure-sensitive pen. Now you can also dive both hands into your work to rotate, zoom in, and work more fluidly. Ample screen size, advanced display performance, and multi-touch…

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Microsoft Surface Studio desktop PC announced(r/technology)

people drop 3 grand for a normal drawing tablet monitor without a pc built in.

I’m just happy that this will significantly lower the price of the drawing monitor.

edit: cintiq 22hd for example, 5 year old device that sold for around 3000 bucks

edit2: the tablet I just linked to is selling for 99 dollars for some reason? pricing error I suspect… I ordered one… ;P imgur.com/a/PdCQl

edit3: debit card got charged 99 bucks i.imgur.com/xgBf3sJ.png AWWW SHIT SON!!!

edit4: I’m back from outside, I have not received any email yet, nothing. It’s a Japanese company, so I suspect to receive some news over night.

edit5: order has been cancelled, that sucks. Just wondering what’s the best way to contact Amazon to get a compensation.

4chan thread if you want to get updated on it.


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