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Vodcart USB LED Fan Clock


– Plug and play
– Safe and soft PVC fan blades
– Flexible metal neck
– Time is stored and remembered, even when switched off
– The flexible metal neck allows for adjusting the direction of the fan
– Powered via the USB port
– On and off switch

This is a great gadget as an office gift, or as a give away in a goodies bag.
Maybe you just want one for you self.
Easy to operate and set the time.
You can use it to keep your customers cool, and great way to display the time in your offic…

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USB fan clock(r/pics)

Here it is on Amazon, but the reviews don’t say very good things.


edit: here’s an apparently better version: www.amazon.com/Ruishengda-Clock-Display-Function-S…

edit2 11 hrs after post: the second link has some sketchy reviews as many have pointed out. Product is likely a piece of shit that will break within a week but it’ll be kinda cool for like 5 minutes so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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