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VideoSecu One Pair Black Univaersal Satellite Speaker Mount Bracket for Wall and Ceiling, fits Ke…


VideoSecu new design steel construction speaker mount is the ideal solution for most speakers weighing less than 10 lbs. The ball and clamp design offers flexible adjustment for the speakers to get better audio position. This bracket will fit speakers with 1/4″ 20 thread, and 5mm 4mm holes. Fits key hole mounting. VideoSecu brand speaker mount, please report to Amazon if the product you received without VideoSecu brand.This mount have 1/4″ 20 thread insert from 4/15/2013.

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AMA Request: A HTC representative.(r/Vive)

While there are a few HTC employees browsing here, none of them speak for HTC officially.

In fact, HTC won’t even interact with us on reddit since they tried to unsuccessfully bribe /u/500500 and the old mod team to let HTC employees moderate the sub.

>today I was told that my credit card should’ve been charged right after purchase. Plenty of us are having strange issues, which in turn have led people to worry about the state of their preorders.

Credit and debit card issues are more of an issue with Digital River than HTC. Judging by the amount of canceled Rift preorders, minor mistakes can be a big issue with this type of product. My advice would be to just continue contacting support, or make some noise on twitter.

>Another example: we still don’t know for sure if we’re getting wall mounts for the base stations.

Edit: The Vive Pre comes with a mounting kit.

A pair of these: www.amazon.com/VideoSecu-Univaersal-Satellite-Spea…

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