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two kids playing music on the street are heard by a passerby and some magic happens(r/videos)

I’m a huge fan of Twenty One Pilots and highly suggest you check out their album “Vessels.” Here, I’m going to list my favorites from the album, and honestly, that’s like half the damn album.

And, I’ll do you one better. Since I’m a huge fan of theirs, you let me know if you like their stuff and I will buy you a copy of this album. No bullshit. I’ve seen these guys twice, taken a picture with them before one show, and got onstage with them to perform with them at another show. I love these guys and fully support them and their music and want nothing more than to share my love of their music with others. I have no personal connections to these guys at all, I just want you to enjoy their stuff. So, seriously, if you want a copy of their album, tell me so and I’ll make it happen! 🙂


Ode to Sleep

Guns for Hands

Car Radio


Also, “Car Radio” is a very open, honest, and even dark song, lyrically. It’s about the singer and how his car radio was stolen from his car, and how silence leaves us nothing but our own thoughts, which can be scary. All of their lyrics are very real and honest, which is what I love. It’s about self-reflection and wrestling with yourself. I know their music and lyrics sound chaotic, but to me, because their lyrics are so honest…it’s beautifully chaotic. I’ve had the album since Feb. 2013 and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve played it, and I play it at least once a week. It’s brilliant.

Edit: Thanks for the gold stranger! Also, at this time, I am no longer able to buy the album for anyone else. If you’re interested in getting the album, you can download it at Amazon.com for just $5.99. I would love to buy everyone a copy of this album, I truly would, but that’s why I’m stopping myself, because I would make myself go broke, haha. And with a wedding coming up, my fiancee would absolutely kill me. Thanks for being awesome guys! Some good conversations going. If you also enjoy Twenty One Pilots or are interested in them, PM me! I would love to discuss them, their music, my thoughts on them, and anything else! Or, if you’re just bored and want someone to talk to, PM me! We can talk about whatever.

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