upvoted.top:Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO510XL)

Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO510XL)


Uniden CB 2way Radio 40CH compact

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Just a simple how to on getting your neighbors to turn down their music when they refuse to.(r/bestof)

Cheap CB Radio

~~Linear Amp~~ That’s a linear power supply. These are linear amps and they seem quite expensive.

DIY Base Load Antenna

From what I can tell, the idea is you talk through your CB Radio, amplify your signal through the linear amplifier, and then transmit it using the base load antenna. The audio cables in their speaker system should act as a receiving antenna and will pick up the signal and whatever your transmitting. Because of the way electromagnetic waves work, there won’t be any need for their speakers to be on if you’re close enough to their system.

edit: and by the way, antennas like these transmit as a donut shape, so if you stand up your antenna it’ll work better if you’re doing it through a wall rather than ceiling/floor. I’m guessing it would work better to turn it on its side if you’re doing it between floors.

edit 2: If you plan on doing this yourself, it’s probably going to be expensive, so try to do more research than the 2 minutes I did before buying everything.

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