upvoted.top:Top-cofrLD Mini PCM2704 USB Sound Card/DAC Decoder Board

Top-cofrLD Mini PCM2704 USB Sound Card/DAC Decoder Board


BB’s main chip HIFI level PCM2704 USB decoder chip, its performance is better than the low end of the market’s most popular chip CM102S series, uses USB power supply, output can be directly connected to the headset, but also do pre-digital output for more advanced DAC decoder provides SPDIF digital signals to get better sound quality. because it is an external sound card, the chassis to avoid serious electromagnetic interference, signal to noise ratio and sound quality can be improved.? PCM2…

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My take on the Raspberry Pi Zero/Gameboy Case Mod.(r/DIY)

Here is a video of me playing the damn thing!

Edit: Here are some parts

the LCD

the USB Dac

Kitsch Bent board for the Buttons

The 2 port USB Hub


Audio Amp w/built in potentiometer

adafruit powerboost 1000c

usb for otg cables


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