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What ‘fan theories’ have blown your mind with their devastating logic?(r/AskReddit)

This was actually in one of the episodes – Brain tries to figure out why all of his plans fail, and comes to the conclusion that it’s Pinky’s fault. As a result, Brain constructs a machine to make Pinky a genius, with the intention that they’ll rule the world together.. unfortunately for Brain, Pinky ends up being SMARTER than he is, and re-runs the initial calculations (about why the plans fail).. and discovers the reason is actually Brain.

Brain ends up narf’ing himself out of despair, then Pinky does the same, because he’s lost his best friend. The episode ends with them going Poit! and Narf! at each other, fade to black.

Kinda sad, really.

Edit: Found it! Sorry this isn’t a YT link, apparently that part, and that part alone of the episode, has a copyright claim on it. It’s That Smarts from Season 1 (Episode 3).

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