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TMS Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protector Pro Street Motocross ATV Jacket Shirt (Large)


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That moment you realize a helmet saved your life(r/pics)

I kept mine too.

I had an accident on a motorcycle a couple of years ago. I was going down a (thankfully) empty country road at about 70 mph when my front tire blew out.

The bike flipped forward and I got thrown off and started sliding across the pavement for about twenty yards.

After coming to a stop, I lied there for a second preparing to not be able to move and be in excruciating pain.

After getting my composure, I stood up, surprised that my legs weren’t broken but felt a cool breeze on my ass. The friction had worn away most of the denim in my jeans, but left just enough to literally save my ass from anything more than some scrapes.

I took off my jacket to see that it was completely destroyed on the back where I had been sliding. Under my jacket I was wearing riding armor like this that was worn down and nearly destroyed on the back where the spine protection is. Without that armor, I guarantee that I’d be paralyzed or worse.

I take a look at my helmet. The visor is cracked and there’s a fairly large crack running down the center top to back from where I hit the ground. Without that helmet, I’d be dead.

Thanks to the appropriate gear, I walked away from that accident with a sore cut up ass, a concussion, but most importantly, my life. Without that gear, I’d be a mangled very dead corpse.

The bike however was not so lucky. It was a 2006 KLR 650; those are made to be durable bikes that can take a hit if needed, and I had crashed it a few times off roading and the worst it ever suffered was a cracked fairing.

Not this time though 🙁

The entire front of the bike was destroyed. The plastics were shattered and the metal was bent beyond any hope of repair. The gas tank cracked, the seat was torn to shit, and the fucking rear tire was off the wheel. It was like a scene from a horror movie.

I still have some survivors guilt about the whole thing. That bike was the best thing ever. RIP.

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