upvoted.top:Timex Men's T2N701 Intelligent Quartz SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph Black Leather Strap Watch

Timex Men’s T2N701 Intelligent Quartz SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph Black Leather Strap Watch


The Timex SL Series™ is a signature combination of sophistication and sportiness. The addition of Intelligent Quartz™ technology takes the SL Series to a new level of functionality. The Timex SL Series™ Fly-Back Chronograph features a fly-back chronograph movement and second time zone.

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Timex Intelligent Quartz Flyback Chronograph

Price: ~$120-$150 new

Movement: Quartz (Intelligent Quartz)

Style: Sports

Size: 42 mm

Link: Video Explaining Function, Amazon


A great Quartz watch that I think many watch enthusiasts will enjoy because it has a unique and complex mechanism when compared to a traditional quartz watch. The watch comes in various colors to suit people’s taste.

What makes it so amazing to me is all the features that it has and its unique layout. The watch has a chronograph with a big seconds hand that moves in 1/5 of a second increments so it looks smooth like an automatic watch. The chornograph can measure up to 4 hours which is way more than the typical 30 minutes and can come in very handy. The hand that measures the minutes goes from 1 to 9 and then back which is also very unique. When the chronograph isn’t in use the extra hands indicate a second time zone which is a very convenient feature to have on an analog watch. To top it all off the watch has Timex’s famous Indiglo that illuminates the face of the whole watch for easy readability at night.

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