upvoted.top:Thera-Band 5-Feet Heavy Multi Pack Exercise Band

Thera-Band 5-Feet Heavy Multi Pack Exercise Band


Proper use of these Resistance Bands for resistive exercise provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. Color-coded progressive resistance gives at-a-glance documentation of progress from one level to the next.

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I’m a 29 year-old dude with cerebral palsy who wants to get as buff as possible in 60 days. What should I do?(r/Fitness)

Hey Zach,

back in the days I worked as a rugby coach with several cerebral palsy and other physically disabled kids.

The main problem was that most machines and dumbell-exercises are not suited for people with disabilities.

So you’ll have to adapt a few exercises for you to work altough your bizeps-curl and butterfly looked quite ok.

In getting buffed there is a “simple” three step rule

  1. TRAIN
  2. EAT
  3. GAIN

Step one: TRAIN

As you said you have access to a gym then ill suggest you to buy some of these Theraband.

These are basically stretching bands in different resitances which are optimal for building strength when mobility is an issue. (Funfact: “joerg sprave” on youtube uses these for badass slingshots and some say they are used by astronauts wooho space-technology ! 😛 )

I uses these with the kids to simulate exercises like rowing and benchpress where we attached the bands to a wall or rack and then pulled them either facing the wall or being with the back to the wall and “pushed them”.

But single exercises wont get you buffed so you’ll need to stick to a training program.

There are as much out there as there are different body types.

One good starting point would be the Program picker from the FAQ. And to then use a “Split Upper Body” workout. A split is basically that you split your body into different sections and work on each one on a different day training the main muscle and its antagonist like biceps and triceps. I would go with the German Volume Training in the Program picker

But youll have to choose what suites you the best in a way of recovery and your time shedule since you’ll face muscle soreness and/or fatique in a different way from some programs.

Step two: EAT

You may not believe it but 50% of the work is done by eating correct and getting to know what helps you in recoverying and gaining mass.

This is such a complex task that I can just point you to this wonderful list in the FAQ www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/wiki/resources#wiki_diet_… (I personally like the App “Myfitnesspal” and the eatthismuch.com website)

The TL;DR version of it would be :

  • Know what you burn a on / off day ( TOTAL ENERGY EXPENDITURE )
  • Know how much you need to eat a day
  • Know if you hit your macros ( Protein, Carbs, Fat , Minerals etc)
  • Find some delicious recipies

Step three: GAIN

This is the “easy” part which just takes time and reflection.

I call it the planning part since i reflect in this phase whether i was eating enough , did i work out hard enough ,what am i missing in my nutrition, do i have special events that hinder me from eating or getting to the gym or not sleeping enough etc.

You wont get bulky after a week but lets see in 2-3 weeks there might be some visible results.

When you always reflect your training and nutrition and make sure you sleep enough and get yourself some recovery then youll be on a good way to get buffed.

So this would be my short tips I could give you on your journey,wish you best luck and you can always come back here to check your program / diet.

With the wolverine stuff, just get some manly sideburns , a white tank top and some toy claws, done 🙂

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