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TEKTON 6580 Automatic Center Punch


To prevent drills and screws from wandering in metal, wood, or plastic, use the TEKTON Automatic Center Punch to mark a dimpled starting point. Quick and easy to use, it delivers an automatic spring-driven strike when it’s pressed against a surface. An adjustable cap allows you to regulate the striking force. The premium brass body has a deeply knurled nonslip surface for sure handling and control.

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Firefighter breaks car window just by using his fingers(r/videos)

The “instructor” in this video is the one who broke the window. If you watch closely, you’ll notice a small hole in the window at the top left where his left hand was resting. At 1:25, he flips his hand over and shows a window punch attached to his glove. The window punch shatters the whole window. Around :56 a student asks why the window breaks and the instructor replies a statement similar to, “I’ll tell you after, you gotta think about it.”

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