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TechDek Products TD-CC230-B 2-Way Cable Corral, Black


The Cable Corral 2-Way: Versatile, sturdy and easy to install dual mount cable manager for mounting on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Ideal for granite or glass desktops, the Cable Corral 2Way can be mounted to a vertical wall or desk support. Keep your wires, cables, power strips and accessories out of sight and off the floor. Versatile cable management that can mount on either horizontal or vertical surfaces. Evenly-spaced hooks can hang excess cable, power strips, or even small speakers…

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What cool feature would you want on a desk?(r/buildapc)

  • Place to store a computer. If it’s closed it, must have ventilation for airflow.
  • Cable management like this to keep monitor, keyboard, printer, and other peripheral cables tidy and not showing hanging down.
  • Swappable I/O panel to fit individual needs. Somewhere on top of the desk and towards the rear where nothing is there, I would like I/O panel that connected to my computer. Some might want certain amount of USB, some might want a thunderbolt port, some might want USB type-C, ethernet passthrough, etc. Personally I built my own desk and have a I/O panel on the back that hasw a power brick for 6x USB 3.0 and 2x USB Type C (for my Nexus 6P). This allows me to plug thumb drives or external harddrives, cellphones, cameras, without trying to get to the back of my PC case. (the panel would be flush mounted, not some bulky thing screwed to the top).
  • Like above, at least two outlet sockets. I have two flush mounted on the back right of my desk. This allows me to plug in a laptop with charging brick if I need to work on it or charge a device that I don’t have a straight USB charger for it, all without having to worry about if I have enough slots available in my power strip.
  • Drawer space. I built several small drawers to store various crap. From controllers, to thumbdrives, to camera cables, external cd drive (my PC doesn’t have an internal one). This allows me to organize it all in my drawer and not having it sitting around the top of my desk becoming clutter when I only using them one in a while.
  • Not needed, but nice for me was a built in cup holder. I always have a large 44oz blender bottle filled with water at my desk. I wanted somewhere to sit it where it wouldn’t spill if my cat jumped up and knocked it off. I routed out a two inch deep hole and lined it with cork, so I could replace it if it ever needs to be replaced. This holds my cup perfectly. Problem is, I have the hole where I like it and others might want it somewhere else, or not their at all. I liked it, others might not, just put in on the list cause I found it a life saver.

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