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(follow-up) We’ve been working on a 70s-hockey-themed game for mobile, and we’re officially releasing it TODAY.(r/hockey)

I posted about the game about a month ago and the response here was great. We decided to polish it and put out an official release today.

SUPER PUCK JAM is a 70’s hockey themed, side-scrolling beat-em-up, only you shoot pucks to kill your opponents. It’s completely free to play.




The game’s free to download and play – you collect coins as you play to unlock abilities and gear. You have the option to pay cash for more coins, but you’ll never be required to do it to keep playing or anything like that.

Basically, we have a TON of ideas for content. Right now there are two bosses, and we want to add more levels (the locker room, the frozen lake, and BEYOND) and a ton of bosses and content. We’ve already made a bunch of team-colored gear certain hockey fans might enjoy, and will be adding that in the next few days. We’re a team of two guys – myself on art and animation, and Josh on programming and everything else. If the game’s received well, we’ll keep adding to it. So tell everyone you know, and support it if you like it and want to see more.

note: iphone/ipad versions of the game will be about a week behind on updates because apple’s slow about pushing them. Biggest difference right now is the tutorial – it’s much simpler and more clear in the latest build, so keep that in mind if you’re jumping into the apple version now.

EDIT 1: we’re addressing a problem that’s preventing progress in the android version tutorial. Should have a patch out very soon. thank you all very much. In the meantime, quitting the game and re-opening seems to be solving the problem temporarily for some people.

EDIT 2: Since people have asked: there’s a coin shop (‘get more coins’ button) – buying any amount of coins or donating a buck will remove interstitial ads permanently.

EDIT 3: we’ve found the bug and a patch is in the tubes for later today. In the meantime, you can fix it by closing/reopening the game once. Thanks again for all the feedback.

EDIT 4: New android build is submitted and should be live shortly

EDIT 5: BUGFIX UPDATE has been RELEASED on android! Go update it and let us know how it plays. Rate it in the stores if you get a chance! Thanks everyone.

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