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Stinky Gaming Footboard Foot Controller – PC


Whether you are a hardcore, casual or even dabbling gamer, you know it’s all about the weapons you bring to the battle. In a revolutionary challenge to the monolithic Keyboard / Mouse paradigm of PC gaming, Stinkyboard stomps on the rules and changes the channel. Breathing new life into any MMO, RTS or FPS player’s game, Stinky brings more control, speed, agility and “in-a-pinch” killer combo moves than you ever thought possible. And to think it was under our nose (and our feet!) the whole ti…

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Lost my left hand 6 months ago, help me figure out how to play(r/GlobalOffensive)

I think I saw a thread a few days ago that brought up this item. I cannot vouch for it but it seems to do the trick for some of the people in the reviews. www.amazon.com/Stinky-Gaming-Footboard-Foot-Contro…

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