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Star Wars Trilogy Giftpack [VHS]


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

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Found some unopened starwars VHS tapes. Any idea if it’s worth anything?(r/movies)

$17.34 brand new, $20.32 including shipping, according to Amazon.

Edit AlexisDeTocqueville informed me that my link is to the 1980-something release, whereas OP’s is not that (OP’s appears to be ’95 – thanks dav0r!). Perhaps it’s the one Chrispanic mentioned? If so, then $40+ including shipping. Why the hell it’s selling for more than the original, I may never know.

Edit 2 Hey hey, 1995 just so happens to be the final year that the Trilogy was released without all the wacky changes! Thanks BrooklynMCFC for that info 🙂

>The VHS reissue in 1995, which was the last available release of the Pre-Special Edition trilogy prior to the 2006 DVD release, utilized THX digital remastering to enhance the picture and sound quality on all three films.


This makes me happy.

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