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Staples One-Touch Plus Desktop Flat Stack Full Strip Stapler, 30 Sheet Capacity, Black (25110)


PRODUCT DETAILS Staples? One-Touch? Plus uses 60% less effort than traditional desktop staplers! Staples? One-Touch? Plus desktop flat stack full strip stapler in black color features push button for easy staple loading. Stapler with 30 sheet capacity includes durable metal construction with plastic base and handle. 60% less effort than traditional desktop staplers! Staple clinches flat for neat document stacking Push button for easy staple loading Durable metal construction with plastic base…

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What was there a black market for at your school that wasn’t drugs?(r/AskReddit)

Our game was staple wars. You know the one-finger staplers? I learned how to remove the safety mechanism so you could open the stapler and shoot the staples like a gun. I had the Stapler Weapons Engineering market cornered. I didn’t earn much, but the battles were worth it. In my science class the battle got too fierce and everyone involved got detention and the staplers were forever banned from my tiny middle school. Someone ratted me out as the weapons manufacturer and I got detention despite never having any part in the actual warfare. Middle school was fun.

Edit 3: Yes, it’s a nice chair. No staples did not go into it. No it is not damaged. RIP inbox.

Edit 2: Holy shit I’m visiting my parents and I went to my old room and found it. Here’s a video. I hit the chair with enough velocity that it would be painful for a person even at that distance. No shit about vertical video either, I had to have a pissed off assistant film it at 4:22 AM so be nice to my camerawoman.

Edit 1: Wow, this got a lot of attention. Here’s what I’m talking about for reference. They have since reduced the power on them, but we could shoot staples all the way across the room. They really hurt to be honest. Definitely deserved to be banned. But still – fuck the man for holding us down.

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