upvoted.top:Standard "H" Frame Wire Stakes 10" x30" Pkg of 50 - Yard Sign Stake - Use with 4mm Corrugated Sig...

Standard “H” Frame Wire Stakes 10″ x30″ Pkg of 50 – Yard Sign Stake – Use with 4mm Corrugated Sig…


This traditional H-wire metal frame is sturdy and easy to use. Steel yard sign stakes for corrugated plastic signs. These Step stakes measure 10″ x 30″ tall. You slip the top wires of the stake into your sign flutes Use 1 stake for smaller lawn signs and use 2 stakes for signs up to 2′ x 4′.,

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We couldn’t find any oversize campaign signs in our area, so we painted our own! This sign is overlooking a busy intersection, visible to well over 20,000+ cars. And we have another sign on the way!(r/SandersForPresident)

That’s awesome.

I am working on a project to make 25 homemade yard signs.

I have ordered the metal stakes and the blank signs and while I wait for delivery I’ve been printing stencils from here.

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