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SoftSheen-Carson Magic Razorless Cream Shave – Bald Smooth Head Maintenance, 6 oz


Formulated to help prevent and eliminate razor bumps in black men. Magic smooth cream contains a skin-conditioning oil complex for a smooth, long-lasting bald style.

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Reddit, what are some not well known products, $15 or less, that have made your life incredibly more enjoyable/easier?(r/AskReddit)

For ladies who have sensitive skin down-below: Magic hair remover for black men. It is SO much better than Nair or equivalent products, and it doesn’t burn/sting/leave a horrible rash. Black men use it to get “that smooth, sexy shaved head look” or something like that, but for the bikini line (all races; I’m a white girl) it is amaaaazing. It actually leaves your skin pretty soft. Shaving makes me get ingrown hairs, waxing is owie, and I can’t have Nair on my skin for more than 15 seconds before the fiery wrath of a thousand suns heats up between my legs. For me, Magic is…MAGIC. dohoho.

EDIT: Here’s the link guys. In response to the person who said it wasn’t as effective as other depilatory options: you are correct, if you have a giant, erm, bush you should probably trim it first. I believe the bottle states it takes care of hair under .5 in with ease.

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