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Snazaroo Classic Face Paint, 18ml, Light Grey


SNAZAROO offers the World’s Safest and Easiest to use Face Paints! The products are water-based, dry to the touch in one minute and wash off easily with mild soap and water.

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Cosplay questions from confused dad, please don’t hurt me. 😀 Trying to help finish my daughter’s cosplay last minute since we found out last night we can make Connecticon after all.(r/homestuck)

I can help!!!!!!

It sounds like your daughter is cosplaying Aradia Megido

Ok, I have a giant post on makeup [here] (www.reddit.com/r/homestuck/comments/1fb1df/cosplay…) that may help you (sorry about the profanity). But I’ll try to condense it down to points for a younger cosplayer.

In your situation, I would 100% recommend Snazzaroo brand paint. It’s a water-activated makeup that you apply with a damp makeup sponge.

To seal it, she will need a sealant. This is necessary for anyone wearing body paint. If not, the paint gets on everything, and other people get very, very angry about it. Seriously, if the sealant is unavailable, I would really highly suggest that she not wear the makeup at all, which is completely understandable/common for casual Homestuck Troll (the species of the character) cosplays.

EDIT: haha wow I wasn’t expecting gold. Thank you to whoever that was!

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