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SkipDr DVD and CD Manual Disc Repair System


The SkipDR Classic disc repair system is a manual device that can fix minor scratches to CDs and DVDs. It can repair up to 25 discs using a patented FlexiWheel, and resurfacing fluid to smooth the surface of damaged discs. The patented FlexiWheel, with its unique microfrictional surface, uniformly repairs damaged discs without losing data. As well as handling standard optical discs, the SkipDR Classic can also repair discs for: PlayStation 1 and 2; XBOX / XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Wii. The r…

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Reddit, what is a service not worth paying for?(r/AskReddit)

Scratch protection for your video games. Drop $15 on a disc resurfacer and never fear a used game again.

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