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12 inch Art S. Buck Anatomical Models…Draw and sketch with confidence and accuracy when you use the Art S. Buck male and female models. These anatomically proportional one-sixth scale models have over 30 points of articulation allowing them to display virtually the full range of human movement. Constructed of highly-durable plastic they are a neutral gray color that is less distracting to the eye when sketching. A display stand is included.

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I make art with crystallized mummified fetal pigs(r/creepy)

Funny story, I bought one of these the first time they showed up on /r/creepy a few months for my girlfriend. In my head I figured she would like it because she’s an artist and she’s drawn animal skeletons and amethyst multiple times in the past. However when it arrived I stared at it and thought “…..this is an actual dead baby animal. Why? Why did I think this was a good idea? Who would like this?”

So I told a couple friends about it and they agreed that I might have really poor judgment and maybe I shouldn’t give it to her. I was on the fence for a while, couldn’t figure out what to do so I just sent out some weird pig snapchats to them in the meantime.

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but then word spread and all my friends except my girlfriend knew about it and they started making jokes and references to pigs in front of her. She knew something was up and I couldn’t go the rest of my life hiding it so I knew I had to fess up.

On Easter, she cooked me some roast pork, and I figured that since she had given me some pig as a gift, it would be a perfect time to return the favor and explain that I had gotten her a rather horrifying gift.

Thankfully she found the whole thing mostly entertaining, but definitely found it weird. However it was such a funny and weird story that she really likes him now. We call him Iggy the Piggy and my friends always ask how our baby is doing.

Edit: The poseable doll thing is the Art Buck drawing model, there’s a female version too. The fetus feels and smells like hard, slightly flexible plastic. Obligatory pig in a blanket

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