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Jumpsuit And Headpiece With Happy Face. Adult Size (C) Shrektm & Fionatm Is A Registered Trademark Of Dreamworks LLc.

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What is something that only a redditor would know?(r/AskReddit)

Gather ’round, folks, I’m gonna give you ~~some stuff~~ all of the stuff from my “Good Stories” folder AND my “Weird Shit” folder.

If any of these lead to a thread and not a particular comment, let me know and I’ll fix it. Sometimes I accidentally bookmark a thread instead of the comment I wanted to bookmark.

Good Stories:

> Today you… Tomorrow me.
> Eric And Steve – FICTIONAL
> Take It From Zach
> Some of them are just lost little kids
> The Story Of Kevin
> “What is the laziest thing you’ve ever done?”
> Makayla And Joe
> Streetlamp Le Mousse
> “Yeah…you like that, you fucking retard?”
> Carl The Cripple
> Shit Pants
> Erin Is A Bitch
> The Dildo Bandit
> Army Vs. Kids
> Secret Gay Maze
> What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to say “No” to?
> Mike The Homeless Man
> Parking Lot Rain Dance
> 6’6″ Beatdown
> Fart On A Kid
> The Legend Of Horse Dick
> Best Teacher Ever
> Skinwalker
> “My Mom doesn’t love me.”
> Human Wall
> Ulysses Bucketlist
> Chicken Race
> Fart Revenge
> Getting Shot: Described
> The ‘Pedophile’
> Cheater’s Revelation

My “Weird Shit” folder has a sub-folder called” Weird Stories, I’ll post the “Weird Shit” first, then get to the “Weird Stories”

Weird Shit:

> Tarrare
> – NSFW (Well, it’s a book… The text is NSFW.)
> Shrek Gingerbread Man Costume
> Korean Jump Scare – Probably NSFW
> What is the best NSFW fact you know?
> Bugchasing – Wikipedia
> Brojob

A lot of the following are full threads, some are comments and some aren’t even on Reddit, so I’ll separate them into two categories so you can choose.

Weird Stories:

Single Stories:

> Elisa Lam
> > Jvk1166z.esp – Read with video below.
> Jvk1166z.esp video narration > > Anasi’s Goatman Story
> Unexplained Suicide – NSFW/NSFL
> The Russian Sleep Experiment – NSFW
> 44 Days Of Hell – Read at your own discretion, I never got around to reading it, so I can’t vouch for its level of NSFW.
> Doors – I don’t recall reading this so read at your own discretion, I can’t tell ya what’s in it.
> Don’t Get Out Of The Car
> Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) – NSFW/NSFL
> Budd Dwyer Suicide – MEGA… MEGA NSFW/NSFL. If you don’t like blood or you’re squeamish, do NOT watch this.
> The True Swamps Of Dagobah – Pretty disgusting, I guess you could consider it NSFW. Then again, I’m made of stone so it’s probably just not NSFW to me.
> Vaginal Ants – This can probably be considered NSFW.
> The Smell Of Bacon – Kinda gross but I wouldn’t put it down as NSFW.
> Sex Freak Club – Yeah this is fuckin’ weird; NSFW.
> The Vent Pisser
> Incest Story – NSFW
> Hotel Rape – NSFW
> Pixie Stick Dust – Absolutely disgusting; NSFW
> Abandoned House
> Jolly Rancher Story – NSFW/NSFL

Full Threads:

> What’s the weirdest situation/event you’ve witnessed, that to this day you can’t explain?
> 911 operators of Reddit, what’s the most disturbing or scary call you ever received? – NSFW/NSFL
> What is the weirdest fetish a significant other of yours has had? – NSFW
> Married redditors, what is creepiest thing your spouse has ever done?
> What’s the worst thing you’ve ever accidentally found in someone else’s home? – NSFW
> What’s the creepiest shit you’ve ever seen at night?
> What is your weirdest sexual fantasy? – NSFW
> What sexual kink do you want to try, but are hesitant telling your partner? – NSFW
> Whats the most disturbing thing you’ve seen in a public restroom? – Possible NSFW/NSFL
> What is the most horrible thing you caught a classmate doing in school? – NSFW
> Women & men of Reddit! What is the weirdest thing that you’ve done in bed that you were asked to do? – NSFW
> What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever done? – NSFW
> Reddit, what is the most disturbing thing you have ever witnessed? – Possible NSFW/NSFL
> Computer repair people. What is the weirdest thing you’ve found on a computer you were fixing? – NSFW
> What is the most creepiest, bone chilling thing you have ever read online that claims to be true? – Possible NSFW/NSFL
> What is the scariest/creepiest thing you have seen/heard? – Possible NSFW/NSFL
> Reddit, what is your creepiest, most unnerving story? Real or not, please creep us out.
> What is the scariest shit you have seen in person?
> Parents that are aware of their children masturbating, what weird routines do they do to try and hide the fact that they are doing it? – NSFW; THEY CAN SMELL YOUR CUM
> What’s the strangest sexual favor someone asked for? Did you do it? – NSFW
> What is the creepiest thing your pet has done?
> Doctors of reddit, what’s something you’ve had to tell a patient that you thought for sure was common knowledge?
> What is the single most awkward or embarrassing moment from your childhood that still makes you cringe?


Sad Stories:

> Why You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself – Sad, but it’s a must-read.
> Second Chance
> Tie your shit down – NSFW
> Drive Safe, Everyone
> “Couldn’t hold the love in anymore.”
> Abusive Relationship
> Lost Cat
> It’s going to be okay, Spot
> Eye Bleach


Good Shit:

> What is one powerful sentence that will change the way I look at life forever?
> weavesilk.com
> The Scale Of The Universe 2
> Game Soundtracks
> 2048
> OP Delivered
> What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard in your life?
> Best Imgur Albums
> Dump Of Wallpaper Dumps – 52,135 images, approximately 41GBs worth.

Now I’m goin’ the fuck to bed.

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