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Michigan’s Every Avenue craft their songs in the same way Third Eye Blind or Rob Thomas would, but sonically they’d appeal to fans of Sugarcult, The All American Rejects, and Fall Out Boy. Forming in 2003 and self-releasing their first self-titled record later that same year, the mid-western quintet have had a positive outlook on the music scene since day one. “We try to stay fun and energetic and do it differently than other bands,” says drummer Michael Govaere. Every Avenue keeps fun and en…

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A student in a course I teach is constantly reading reddit during lectures. Help me teach him a lesson.(r/funny)

SHHHHHHHhhhhh look

This sentence is very funny out of context.

Oh, and this is definitely fake as shit… Mr. touches_GRRMs_dick is clearly a friend of the guy’s and not his teacher.

But hey, that’s not funny at all. So I guess we’re all just going with it.

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