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Scruffs Wilton Pet Carrier, 38 cm x 20 cm x 24 cm, Brown


The Wilton range from Scruffs is designed with diamond quilted outer fabric in black, blue or brown, tan accents and sumptuous deep plush fur lining which provides snuggly warmth comfort. This quality Pet Carrier is an ideal way to transport your cat, small furry or toy breed dog when you are out and about together. The soft plush fur lining will keep your pet cosy warm in the worst of the winter weather and the zip out water bowl is a highly practical addition. The strong tan webbing shou…

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If I fits, I zips(r/Eyebleach)

Hello random internet citizen! I was bored and did the research for you!

Here is the original video

Here is the item in question

And from Amazon

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