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Saw Jigsaw Mask


SAW JIGSAW MASKSaw Costume Accessories(Item #SAW03)Includesmask w/hair It is an officially licensed product.Scary Masks – This Saw Jigsaw Mask is a PVC mask is an overhead adult size mask.

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I am an 18 year old boy who lives in a house that has slides from floor to floor(r/IAmA)

I’d like to formally request the following:

  1. Purchase a Jigsaw Mask for you and 6 of your siblings

  2. Give a video camera to your remaining trusted sibling, and have him/her hide in a location visible to your 2nd floor slide landing pad.

  3. Shortly before your parents are coming home, the 7 siblings will put on the masks, and start continuously descending the slides, and then running upstairs to create an infinite loop.

  4. In unison, each sibling should repeatedly, yet quietly, chant: “Hup. Hup. Hup. Hup.”

  5. Video tape the reactions of your parents.

  6. Post that video.

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