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Saitek P3600 Cyborg Force Rumble Pad (PP26U)


The P3600 Cyborg Rumble Pad from Saitek comes with switchable mini-Joystick and D-Pad for optimum comfort for all types of play. Features two mini-joysticks, 8-way D-Pad, two analog triggers, four main buttons and two shoulder buttons. Immersion Rumble Force technology, First Person mode with precision aiming technology. Fully programmable with SST software included. USB, Windows 2000, XP, XP64 and Vista compatible.

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My response when someone says “The new Wii-U controller is such a rip off”(r/gaming)

The thing is, OP made this obviously biased post with the assumption that only Nintendo, MS and Sony are in the controller making business. Companies like Saitek and Logitech are too, and actually are pretty good at their ergonomic designs. Now, before going any further, I would like to point something out. Wii U’s Controller Pro does look like MS’s, but it doesn’t mean Nintendo copied MS. This was released in 2004, one year before the 360. The 360’s controller shape didn’t actually come from MS’s ideas. This shape had been around for some time now, before the 360 came out. That is all that can be said about Nintendo “copying” the 360 controller, because in all actuality then we can say that MS copied them in the abyx buttons, joysticks, rumble, and other stuff. I admire Nintendo for everything they stand for as a company, their policies, customer support, risks and “crazy” innovations have paid off for them. MS and Sony have also their innovations in their respective areas, and anyone that blindly denies this is truly wrong.

EDIT: Switched Ninty for Nintendo on popular demand.

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