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Safari Ltd Translucent Optic One


Seven ways to have fun is provided by our Optic One. This versatile invention acts as a compass, monocular, binocular, signaling mirror, magnifying mirror, and a 2x and 4x magnifier. This handy tool is enjoyed by both children and adults. Safari Ltd takes pride in providing breathtaking, innovative and value priced scientific instruments.

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Poor Man’s Fleshlight(r/funny)

For those of you wondering, it feels pretty bad. First off, they are made of what must be the stickiest plastic ever made. This means it hurts and it kinda just sticks to your member. So you goto squeeze it in and stuff and it kinda just rolls on like a condom. There is actually no way to get it to stay still enough to do anything but move up and down and have no interaction with your wang, and lube doesn’t help anything. So its just a waste of money. I would just get this, because in terms of gift shop crap, it is pretty consistent. Not good, but consistent. I had one that rotated so the round part was flatter, but they don’t make that anymore. It would seem like that is better, but I don’t know.

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