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Rosewill Wireless adapter / WiFi adapter / Wifi Dongle , N300 Wireless Dongle USB with 5dBi Anten…


The easiest way to upgrade your system into wireless N network, the Rosewill RNX-N180UBE connects your PC/NB to a wireless network in minutes using a high speed USB2.0 interface. MIMO technology, with one transmitting antenna and two receiving antennas, enables a high throughput of max 300Mbps for download and 150Mbps for upload. An array of high level security options guarantees maximized network protection, bringing you great peace of mind. Compliant with IEEE 802.11n and backward compatibl…

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[Build Complete] Tornado Edition(r/buildapc)

  • At the very least whenever you go to rebuild your PC (I’m assuming it’s not working). I’ll provide you a legit Windows 7 key (unused).

  • I also have an Asus 24 inch monitor if you don’t mind paying shipping. I’m not using it (3rd monitor that was going to be used for surround) and don’t have the money for surround for games without having crappy FPS, so I just use 2 monitors. I will provide power cable, dvi and vga cords. www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824…

I was able to find a picture with the monitor hooked up (I was happy I was going to have surround). imgur.com/84iDIRM — it is the monitor on top of the multiport video switch. And yes, I know that’s a pretty half-assed setup I had going on there 😀


Found more items–

Please PM me if you’re interested (or not interested). I’m only asking for shipping money because I’m broke at this point. Just had to get roof replaced at house, 2 doors warped and needed to be replaced, paid for my daughter’s tuition next year last month at school; before that scheduled a vacation. We are leaving Wednesday morning but I will ship to you with tracking number either tomorrow or Tuesday. If you don’t see this time, I can do it after we come back. Which will be 6/10/2013.

I’m not asking for anything in return, seriously. I lost everything except for my car, three days of clothes and my Playstation 2 (and a couple of games) from Hurricane Katrina. I know what it’s like to lose everything. These parts aren’t the greatest in the world but with the other parts mentioned, it should be able to help out while you get everything up and going again.

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Thank you to whoever gave me reddit gold! That was really legit! 🙂

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