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Robomow RM510 Robotic Lawnmower


Tired of spending your weekends mowing the lawn? Looking for someone to do it all for you? Then look no farther the RM510 lawnmower from Robomow is designed to mow the lawn for you so you don’t have to, leaving your weekends free for you to enjoy doing something more worthwhile. Whatever it is that you would rather be spending your time doing, it’s all possible with Robomow, as the RM510 is an automatic lawnmower that cuts the grass for you all by itself. Robomow® features a battery powered, …

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Roomba just got government approval to make an autonomous lawn mower(r/technology)

Robotic lawn mowers are already a thing – Robomow for instance – [Amazon link] (www.amazon.com/Robomow-RM510-White-Robotic-Lawnmow…)

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