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Richard Burns Rally


Get into the mind of a World Champion and behind the wheel of a 300BHP rally car with a totally new rally experience. Learn genuine rally techniques at the Forest Rally School, fine tune your car to a level of detail never before seen and compete in a full rally season.

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Rally driving at its finest!(r/gifs)

Source video on Vimeo (about 1m 45s long).

Another video of good general rallying on YouTube.

Good sense of speed through a narrow forest, you can hear the frantic pacenotes (the things the “passenger” is telling the driver so the driver knows what’s up ahead), you can see the driver’s current gear on the dashboard, and a bit of the driver’s footwork. This might help you understand what driving in rally is like.

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And if you want to try rallying virtually, check out Richard Burns Rally! It’s still considered one of the best rally simulators to date, and it’s only about US$5 on Amazon. It was released in 2004, so most computers should be able to run it.

If you decide to buy Richard Burns Rally, considered looking at game mods. A group of modders in France recently released RSRBR 2013 which adds new cars, new tracks, and improved physics. This may need a little more powerful computer to run.

I bought a Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel on eBay for about $85. It’s a great starter wheel with nice force feedback that will help you feel your car better as you drive.

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