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RESCUE! YJTR Non-Toxic Reusable Trap for Yellow Jackets


The RESCUE! Non-Toxic Reusable Trap for Yellow Jackets gets rid of yellow jackets in your yard with just one insect trap. From spring to fall, this reusable trap catches yellow jacket queens and workers without using poisons or pesticides. The trap itself is of a sturdy construction that’s built-to-last for multiple seasons. Included with the trap is a two-week vial of attractant, and you can also use 10-week cartridges. This attractant draws them in through holes in the bottom of the plasti…

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Came home to this in the car park last night. Every. Single. Car.(r/WTF)

A while back I worked with a guy who would harass me for being a “pussy” around Yellow Jackets. I’m allergic to bee stings, we were at least 45 minutes from the nearest medical facility, and most of our co-workers were non-English speaking production workers. He was the assistant general manager, and he tried to write me up for refusing to walk into an enclosed area that had several large Yellow Jacket nests in it. This was on a hot August afternoon, when the are the most aggressive toward potential intruders/food.

I got some Yellow Jacket attractant that’s made for bait traps, and put the liquid on the headband of his hard hat. (It is a food manufacturing plant, and everybody – even the CEO and executives – are required to wear them in most areas of the facility).

He couldn’t figure out why the Yellow Jackets kept flying in his face. They wold get aggressive and start biting and stinging when he started swatting them away. He finally quit a few weeks later. He tried to file for unemployment, but the company fought him and used his own documents against him: He put in writing that the Yellow Jackets weren’t a problem, and that I was using my allergy as an excuse to avoid working.

I actually heard him say, “But…but…I didn’t mean it like that!”

The HR manager noticed I was keeping close tabs on what happened to the guy, and asked me if I knew anything about it. I said I didn’t – that the wasps must have known he was an asshole, and the smell of shit attracted them.

The HR guy said something like, “Well, serves him right. He’s always been an asshole. We couldn’t fire him because his dad is one of the co-op owners.”

It made my whole week better.

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