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Red Dragon VT 3-30 C 500,000 BTU Heavy Duty Propane Vapor Torch Kit


Red dragon vapor torch kit, 500,000 btu, kit contains: vapor torch, 10′ hp10c lpg hose, UL listed, p3200w UL listed excess flow p.O.L. Fittings V334 adjusting needle valve & pipe thread compound, L2002 spark lighter, rugged, steel construction, lightweight, ideal for burning weeds & stumps, sterilizing cages, clearing irrigation ditches, heating, thawing, drying & other agriculture & industrial uses, CSA international certified. This product is manufactured in the USA. The product is highly d…

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“I bought this thing while I was camping. Our firewood was a bit damp and I was having trouble getting the campfire started. With this handy-dandy roaster, I had a bonfire within a minute or so. Then, I decided to use it on the weeds at home. The instructions warn against using the torch near conifers (like Evergreen-type shrubs, bushes, topiaries), so I stayed about 5 feet away from those. Well, this thing is hotter than the blazes of Hell and Damnation itself! I roasted a few of my bushes, but thankfully, they’ve started to come back. We just had a few inches of snow here in Chicago and I drove over it in the driveway. I ended up with icy patches of packed snow and figured I’d pull out Satan’s air conditioner. Not only did it melt those ice patches faster than a hooker drops her panties, it melted a five foot section of snow (about 3 inches deep) in front of the nozzle. Well, after that, I just had to screw around with it. I cooked a frozen hot-dog in less than 30 seconds. OK, “cooked” is the wrong word. I turned a frozen hot dog into a pile of ash. Since that was fun, I tried it with an old cell-phone I had laying around. It stunk, but man it was cool to watch it turn into a gelatinous pile of stink. Someone else mentioned having to roast your weeds and then come back to weed by hand a week later. That’s totally unnecessary. Just hold the flame on the weed for about 10 seconds and it’ll kill it, burn it, turn it to ash, and then burn the ash into smaller ash. The roots will be dead and the weed will never return. OK, maybe it will, but I roasted a section of stone in my backyard that had weeds growing up. It’s been nearly 2 years and nothing has grown there. Yeah, it sounds like a jet engine when you fire it up, but it’s awesome! I highly recommend this for weed burning, camp fire starting, party tricks, and hot dog cremation. And next week, I’m going to head over to my mean, old, crotchety neighbor’s house in the middle of the night and burn “A-Hole” into his lawn. Man, I can’t wait till my kid’s hamster bites the dust!”

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