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Includes 8 disposable heads. Disposable interdental cleaner. Makes flossing as easy as brushing. No. 1 recommended flosser (among dental professionals). Easily get to 100% of hard to reach places for an ultimate clean. For ages 6 and up. US and Netherland components.

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What are personal hygiene tips that work out great for you that you wish everyone knew?(r/AskReddit)

I HATE flossing. Absolutely despise it. I hate having to wrap the floss around your fingers, I hate trying to get the little piece of floss into my mouth, and I hate trying to fit that damned thing in between every single one of my teeth.

But then I discovered this and it’s like a god damned miracle for flossing. For some reason, in all 24 years of my life (at the time), I had never even contemplated that such a device could exist for easy flossing. So Reddit, if you were as ignorant as me, and hate traditional flossing as much as me, let this be an enlightening comment post. Now I floss twice a day and it’s not frustrating at all.

There’s a whole huge variety of similar flossing tools than just the one Reach puts out, too.

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