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Includes 8 disposable heads. Disposable interdental cleaner. Makes flossing as easy as brushing. No. 1 recommended flosser (among dental professionals). Easily get to 100% of hard to reach places for an ultimate clean. For ages 6 and up. US and Netherland components.

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Buy one of those flosser arm thingies – makes it so much easier. I used to never floss, then I discovered those and I’ve done it almost without fail twice a day for the last 3 years. So easy.

EDIT: For all those who are confused by my technical jargon, this is what I’m talking about when I say flosser arm thingy. I always adjust my angle laterally to try to get the rounded part of my teeth, clean it after every use, and replaced the insert about once a week. 4/5 dentists recommend cleaning them after each tooth, and replacing more frequently. Use at your own pleasure.

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