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Pythagorean Cup or Pythagoras Cup or Greedy Cup – Tantalus Cup


Pythagorean cup or Pythagoras cup or Greedy Cup – Tantalus cup. (Greek Handmade SOUVENIR) Pythagorean cup (also known as a Pythagoras cup, a Greedy Cup or a Tantalus cup) is a form of drinking cup which forces its user to imbibe only in moderation. Credited to Pythagoras of Samos, it allows the user to fill the cup with wine up to a certain level. If the user fills the cup only up to that level he may enjoy his drink in peace. If he exhibits gluttony, however, the cup spills its contents out …

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TIL: Pythagoras invented a cup which spills ALL of its contents if the user pours in more than the allowed amount. It uses the same siphon principle as modern toilets to control gluttony.(r/todayilearned)

Yes, you can buy it online.

Pythagorean Cup – Greek gift shop


If you don’t want to spend the monies, here’s how to make one :



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