upvoted.top:Propylene Glycol - Food Grade USP - 1 Quart (32 Oz.)

Propylene Glycol – Food Grade USP – 1 Quart (32 Oz.)


Propylene Glycol 1 Quart (32 Oz.) – USP – Food Grade Safety Sealed HDPE Resealable Lid Finest Quality Propylene Glycol for use as moisturizer in medicines, cosmetics, food, toothpaste, shampoo, mouth wash and hair care. Uses: Antifreeze Solutions, Solvent for fats, oils, waxes, resins. Hygroscopic agent. Coolant in refrigeration systems, plasticizers, hydraulic fluids, textile conditioners Propylene glycol can be used for the following: As an emulsification agent in Angostura and orange bi…

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There is a ton of info out there that is super helpful. But the one that helped me get started with DIY (without all of the jargon) is this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVVETqD3O0E

Hope this helps!

Edit: Here’s a bit more info on my DIY Liquid sources. Disclaimer: Do your fricken research before attempting! It can be hazardous.

DIY Liquid Calculator: www.steam-engine.org/juice.asp

Nicotine Base I use- 50/50 at 24mg

Propylene Glycol

Vegetable Glycerin

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