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Pro-Cure Anise Plus Oil, 2-Ounce, Clear


A blend of 5 bait fish with a powerful shot of pure anise oil. If you’re an anise fan this oil is for you.

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I am a vagabond that hops freight trains and hitchhikes through-out the USA, for 10 years+. This is all of the gear I carry with me in my bag.(r/pics)

Based on your pictures you seem to fish quite often.

I don’t know how successful you are but if you are anywhere in the US there are 3 things that will improve your chances of catch overall.

First of all keep your hooks sharp. Not that your an idiot, just that it can not be said enough.

Secondly try to find something like this. Anise oil an an excellent attractant for freshwater fish. A single drop is enough so the bottle should last a long time.

Lastly if you can make or find pink weighted jigs they should also help your overall catch rate.

After 25+ years of fishing with my family I can say that these three things should get you the farthest without spending large amounts of money.

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