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Prepara Ice Balls, Lemon, Lime, Raspberry and Tangerine, Set of 4


Fill and freeze these 2-inch round orbs for a fun cube alternative. Pack them with mint leaves, basil, fruits and more. Or fill ice balls with juice, lemon or lime segments. Use them in pitchers, cocktails, punch bowls, and tumblers, the larger size means drinks stay cooler longer, ice balls won’t melt as fast. Because of the silicone top seal, ice won’t smell like leftover food in your refrigerator. Set them out for all to marvel. BPA free, top shelf dishwasher safe. Includes small pieces: n…

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Reddit, for gift ideas, what is the coolest thing you own under $100?(r/AskReddit)

Ice ball makers. They melt a lot slower than cubes, and don’t water down your drink.

So, it seems we’ve killed the original link above therefore here is a link the product on amazon.

Prepara, the maker of the awesome ice balls we’ve been discussing has posted below to inform us that we have crashed the whole site! Nicely done Reddit! But, they thank us all the same. Here’s the comment.

Prepara posted again! If anyone want’s to buy this direct from the maker (which is always a great thing to do!) you can send your order to: rachel@pollendesign.com.

Okay people, here’s how the balls (teehee) work: They have less surface area so they melt slower. But because they melt slower they also cool your drink slower as it is the melting that cause the drink to get cool. I guess it depends on how you like your drinks or what you’re drinking. The reason I like them? They look cool. That’s all. They’re pretty.

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