upvoted.top:Powder-like 10 Mil Spec Reflective Glass Beads ONE (1) Pound

Powder-like 10 Mil Spec Reflective Glass Beads ONE (1) Pound


Powder-like texture. Similar to the glass beads used on street signs and in aerosol sprays. Inter-mix or drop on applications. Makes paint reflective.

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Strange, sticky particles only visible through a flashing camera, and nearly impossible to scrub off. They have no idea what it is – tests have been done and results are due this coming Wednesday. (repost from /r/mildlyinteresting)(r/whatisthisthing)

~~I wonder if it could be something like this: antitheftdots.com/micro-dot.aspx~~


I’m leaning towards micro multireflective beads because they show up on flash photography.

Something like this could be the culprit. He could have been exposed when they were applying reflective markings as a railroad engineer.


Screw glitter, send a box of this to your enemies! www.amazon.com/Powder-like-Reflective-Glass-Beads-…

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