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Popeye 1980 [Laserdisc]


Laserdisc not DVD or VHS. Must have a laserdisc player to use. A laserdisc is the size of an LP record, almost 12 inches in diameter.”

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Jack and Wendy(r/pics)

Pffff. Shelley is not broke. A dump truck comes through daily with her royalties from Popeye. People love that film, myself included. They can’t get enough. When’s the last time you saw a copy for sale? Probably never, because it sells out so fast.

EDIT: Guys, I’ve been trying to source some copies for you. I called a few places. Most of them, except for Target (thanks Shawn), hung up on me. I guess they’re tired of answering the question so much. Anyway, Shawn said they can’t restock until their next shipment comes in. He wasn’t sure when that’d be and said to call in frequently to check. So, you might try calling your local stores. However, I did find three copies on amazon, but you’ll probably have to act fast. Anyway, love you. Bye.

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