upvoted.top:PNY StorEDGE 128GB Flash Memory Expansion Module (P-MEMEXP128U1-EF)

PNY StorEDGE 128GB Flash Memory Expansion Module (P-MEMEXP128U1-EF)


StorEDGE – Flash Memory Expansion Module Use Your MacBook’s SDXC Slot To Expand Your Storage StorEDGE radically upgrades your flash memory without compromising your notebook’s sleek design, allowing you to store even more images, videos, music, and files. Engineered as a semi-permanent storage solution for MacBook computers, StorEDGE easily plugs into your notebook’s SDXC slot. Its patent pending design allows it to sit nearly flush while in use. StorEDGE is ideal for MacBook users s…

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Any one got a Nifty mini drive and is it any good?(r/apple)

I moved my iTunes library to it. It’s fast enough for this kind of stuff and frees up room on the SSD. These days I’d rather get this one though: www.amazon.com/PNY-StorEDGE-Memory-Expansion-P-MEM…

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