upvoted.top:Plugable USB Universal Fast 1A Charge-Only Adapter for Android

Plugable USB Universal Fast 1A Charge-Only Adapter for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Mobile Dev…


USB Charging InformationMost devices can’t/won’t charge from normal powered USB hubs if the computer is turned off/not connected. That includes most Android, Apple iOS, and Windows devices. The phone/tablet must negotiate how much power to pull, to do so by the original USB specification, devices are supposed to only draw 100mA at first and then they can then negotiate up to 500mA. This negotiation requires a PC that’s attached and on. Unfortunately even at 500mA, charging most devices will t…

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KFC offers customers in India battery pack to go with fried chicken(r/gadgets)

People really shouldn’t be plugging their phone’s USB into strange ports without a condom.

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