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Pint Sized Paradox Package [Download]


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After passing out 1000s of steam keys on /r/gaming for 4 hours, trying to respond to every post and ending the day with less karma overall, i’ve learned that most of you don’t read anything before posting, downvote anything important and beg/plead for whatever you damn please. I would do it again.(r/gaming)

I’m the Marketing Manager for Amazon Game Downloads. Our Facebook page hit 100K users and I solicited keys from some of our vendors to do a giveaway in celebration.

I posted these keys to a google doc and distributed a link to this doc to some folks at Neogaf/Cheapassgamer.

This weekend someone dropped in and took all of the keys from the google doc, leaving notes like “reddit was here”.

I’ve just checked 10 of the Saint’s Row the Third keys from the google doc linked to in this thread, they are all matches to my original source files.

I’m not sure where specifically this poster got the keys, but I can tell you where they came from.

Well…turns out this is getting a few more eyeballs than I thought it would.

While I’m here though, here are some killer deals we’re running this week:





And here’s the link to our Free to Play Store:


If you guys were interested in the SMNC stuff you get some in game items for linking your Amazon.com account with your SMNC account. We also have some cool offers around World of Tanks, War Inc. Stronghold Kingdoms, etc.

Cheers, Tony

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